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Turn a Team of Experts into an Expert Team

Businesses are facing three major problems

Baby boomers are retiring, leaving the biggest leadership gap in history.

Organisations are mostly doing very poorly at leveraging the new and distinctive capabilities of Connected Generation.

Despite more than 70 years of substantial efforts by learning professionals the overall success by organizations to grow leaders remains dismal.


For the business to survive, Next Gen Leaders must:

Explore and train their leadership skills

Learn to work as a team

Develop disruptive innovation skills

Get engaged in the competitive culture of business

Prepare to deal with all types of situations and circumstances

Prepare to respond to challenges before they meet them

Practice – Practice until it is second nature

Learn to make and learn from mistakes without risk

The Business League Tournament


Each match takes place in 3 steps


Each team is given a briefing pack. They have 10-15 minutes to define objectives and a strategy of how to defeat their opponent.


Two teams confront each-other in a match of Conquest, they must capture and retrieve the quantum fuse before the enemy team.


Both teams must auto-evaluate their performance using a scorecard. They must understand both what they achieved, and what they must ameliorate.

Judges allot points to each team based on their performance during each phase

Both teams have 10 minutes to present their strategy and objectives to the judges.

The winning team earns points for their victory within the simulation.

After the debrief, each team has 10 minutes to present their analysis to the judges.



Discover Conquest


The E-Sports Business League uses Conquest as it’s main Platform. You can learn more about this teamwork and leadership platform on it’s Dedicated Website.

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